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Your source of news on the best and latest nature games

Schedule and Series

JayPlays gaming posts frequently about animals, nature, and nature games! Wondering what you can expect from the blog or when you can catch your favorite postings? Look no further!

Currently running series

Game Reviews

When? 1st and 3rd Friday of each month

Every other Friday, I’ll be reviewing an animal or nature game and giving my thoughts on its quality, realism, family-friendliness, and pricing. If you’re looking for new animal games to check out, then you’ve come to the right place!

New and in the News

When? 2st and 4rd Friday of each month

Every other Friday, I’ll be releasing a post with updates about new up-and-coming games, as well as games preparing to release major updates. If you want to look ahead to what’s coming soon in the world of animal games, then New and in the News has you covered!

Upcoming Series

Wild Wednesday

When? Every Wednesday

Every Wednesday I’ll be releasing a short post about an animal I’d like to see more of in the animal gaming scene. Some of these animals might be featured in games already, and some might never have been seen before. Whatever the case, each week I’ll give the spotlight to a new animal I’d like to see featured in more games and tell you why I think they deserve a little more love!

Bonus Fridays

When? Every time a month has a 5th Friday

Whenever a month has an extra Friday (5 instead of the usual 4), it will be dedicated to a special bonus blog post. These will cover more miscellaneous topics– such as “what sort of computer should I get for gaming?” or “what equipment do I need to start a YouTube channel?”. In essence, I’m going to answer some of the questions I get asked frequently on my channel and on this blog in more depth than I can go into in a simple comment reply.

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