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JayPlays came to be in the summer of 2016 as a simple gaming channel dedicated to animal and nature-based games. There, I shared my love for ecology with my viewers, teaching about real world wildlife and ecosystems while crafting stories in a myriad of different games. Since then, the channel has grown to have thousands of subscribers and over 1,500 episodes. It continues to grow steadily, with new episodes every day.

I started the JayPlays channel because I saw a lack of quality all-ages content. Most media produced in today’s world contains considerable amounts of vulgar language, lewd content, and other things that kids don’t need to be exposed to. It’s my goal to create alternative content that’s both high-quality and meaningful without being full of adult themes. I also do my best to provide interesting educational bits throughout many of my videos, so that my content is not only entertaining, but impactful as well.

This gaming blog came to be as I realized that although many good animal and nature-centric games exist, they can be tough to track down! Many game providers don’t even have a category for animal games. And thus, this blog was born. Here on the JayPlays Gaming blog, I provide content related to animal games, including reviews, walkthroughs, and spotlights on upcoming games, to make it easier to find interesting animal games if you so desire to find them!

I love working with game devs, so if you’re working on an animal game and you’d like me to take a look at it, feel free to send me a message through my contact form!

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